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Alfredo Tigolo III


Obtain a position as a Software Engineer.


California State University, Los Angeles: (CSULA) (September 2002 to Present)

Title: Description:
Full-Time Student Major: Computer Science
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Inglewood Southside Christian Church, Inglewood, CA (January 2003 to Present)

Duties: Description:
Visual Aid Technician With a computer, controlled overhead projector for songs before Sunday Service.
Trouble shooted errors, bugs, mistakes, on the spot.
Trained new users in 5 or 10 minutes using Sunday Plus.
Installed dual head AGP Graphic card on PC in order to use Sunday Plus to it's full
Sound Technician Setup "PA" Sound System. Controlled and adjusted settings on mixer board,
recorded sermons via audio tapes, cued musical CDs when it needed to be,
setup micphones and test "PA" Sound System before each Sunday Morning Service.
Computer Tech Guy Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. THAT'S COMPUTER SCIENCE!

CSULA CLUB: Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) (January 2004 to January 2005)

Duties: Description:
ACM Head Chair, [President] Organized club meetings and delagated tasks to club members
for example fund raising, recruiting new members, and workshops. Also includes
contacting companies to speak to the ACM club.


Los Angeles Trade Tech College, Los Angeles, CA (June 1997 to June 1998)

Title: Description:
Full-Time Student Major: Computer Information Systems

National Disabled Foundation, Carson, CA (June 1996 to June 1997)

Titles: Description:
Assistant Network Mananger Designed and maintained computer network, hardware, and software for entire office.
Computer Technician Repaired donated computer for use by disabled students.
Application Instructor Instructed college and disabled student interns on how to use computer software such as Word Perfect 5.1+, MS-Word 6.0, PageMaker 5.0, and MS-Access 2.0
Assistant Office Manager Performed general clerical duties including, filing, answering phones and assisting student interns.


Legal Enterprise, U.S. Legal Support, Inc., Calabasas, CA
(June 1998 to December 2001)

Titles: Description:
Quality Assurance Xeroxed and Assembled legal records.  Verified accuracy of records, Added pagination, Created microfilm version of records and Researched Orders.
Expeditor Scheduled appointments to duplicate or retrieve records and X-rays to be used by legal staff.  Performed various clerical duties such as typing status of work orders.  Answered incoming phone calls and Maintained communication with clients.
Field Agent: Delivered records to clients' offices, Served subpoenas and authorizations to appropriate locations.

Weingart Tutor/Internships, Carson, CA (February 1996 to May 1996)

Title: Description:
Math Tutor Acquired experience teaching Math to 6th through 8th grade middle school students.


Location: Duration:
California State University, Los Angeles Fall 2002 to Present
Los Angeles Pierce College Fall 2000 to Spring 2002
Los Angeles Trade Technical College Fall 1996 to Fall 1999
California Academy of Math and Science Fall 1992 to Fall 1996